10 Recommended Photographers in April 2017

By Brada - 3 min read

Follow these community members who have been experimenting with collages!

Each month, we feature 10 photographers with inspiring work that’s worth a follow. For April, we’re giving the format a thematic little twist: We’ve selected community members who have been experimenting with collages. Check out these profiles for some inspiration on how to artistically combine photos – you’ll see that the mashup often changes the pictures’ mood entirely.


one person


Woman's face obscured by sea

Albina Maxx


Linas Vaitonis

one animal

Willem Douven



High angle view of flowers

Julien Jacob

Alejandro Roberto Torrontegui

human hand

Agnes Spaak

one person

Maximilian Schulz

Creative selfie of a young man

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Header image by Badrburg .

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