The 16th of January is Blue Monday, a recently-invented holiday to mark the saddest day of the year on the Northern hemisphere. Blue Monday takes place in the very depth of winter, when the days are short, the winds cold, and the streets frozen over.

The (questionable) formula to calculate the date for Blue Monday takes into consideration how many days have passed since Christmas as well as that most of us have already given up on our New Year’s resolutions. Sounds depressing? Fret not, we’re here to show you a way out of the darkness.

We believe that blue has an undeservedly bad reputation: Using it as a synonym for sad negates all that’s beautiful about the color, particularly in photography. Some of the nicest shots can be taken during the ‘blue hour’, right after sunset. And blue also happens to be one of the most calming colors of the spectrum.

So rather than succumbing to sadness on Blue Monday, we’ve put together a collection of photos from EyeEm guaranteed to cheer you up. These pictures show the calmness and serenity of the color, ranging from rich indigo to soft aquamarine. And they’re a great reminder that feeling blue can mean whatever you want it to mean.

Open Edit dog Dogs EyeEm gallery EyeEm Best Shots Pets Corner Summer Dogs Pattern Pieces
By Benjamin Lee

Bluemonday blue blue monday blue sky bluemonday bluesky Clear sky color From My Point Of View Low angle view minimal minimalism Minimalist minimalistic minimalobsession multi colored Part of pole simplicity sky Fine Art Photography color palette
By Ralf

The Color of Business time clock Low angle view blue Copy Space accuracy number clock face Circle round geometric shape no people Office Morning light and shadow Working precision backgrounds
By TanjaKnieps

Sans visage portrait surrealism Horror blue beach Striking Fashion Open Edit art Dream Creative Light and Shadow #followfriday
By Rachel

beach beauty lifestyles Nature person sea sky Sunlight water young adult
By Sandra Zackrisson

Nature into the woods Darkwood
By Dinko Darlinn

boat Waterscape waterfront ships Fine Art Photography Water reflections water water_collection Harbour view Harbour boats ship Reflection reflections reflection_collection eye4photography Denmark Marina water reflection Nature On Your Doorstep landscape Lighthouse nature_collection color palette light and reflection
By Mette Bruus

Love Silhouette heart Romantic
By kamranfaiq

lighter & brighter Freshness fingers Pastel Power minimalism Learn & Shoot: Balancing Elements pastel minimalobsession Getting Creative inspirational Pattern, texture, shape and form EyeEmFiveSenses lovely Deceptively Simple Easter Ready The Color Of School blue bold neons, bright pastels colorful negative space Pattern Pieces Everyday Joy food fine art still life Handmade for You
By Koukichi Takahashi

By Megan Barrera

By Jeremy Kohm

Social Advertising Collection
By mavida

Make Sundays great so you can wake up with a smile on Mondays. People Together girls leisure activity people friendship Friends SundayFunday passion enjoying life outdoors Home is Where the Art is colour of life Enjoy the New Normal
By Keiko Tanaka

here they fly ... balloons Sky and Clouds balloonsinthesky full frame Hello world blue sky
By jazzy❕

Iceland leirhnjukur Traveling Travel Photography people photography People Of EyeEm Silhouette atmospheric mood silent moment Hello world enjoying life Showcase March EyeEm Best Shots - People + Portrait Nikon The Week Of Eyeem mountains EyeEm Best Shots - Landscape landscape_photography Nature Woman against sky
By Andreas Wagner

A Bird's Eye View aerial aerial view backgrounds beauty in Nature blue island lake Nature no people outdoors water
By Maksim

A mixture of old and new Architecture in the beautiful city of Manchester The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards cityscapes TakeoverContrast
By Sean

By Puck Saucedo

beauty blond hair blue blue hair EyeEm gallery Fresh on Eyeem front view leisure activity lifestyles long hair Looking At Camera person portrait Portrait of a Woman Portraits young adult young women
By Megan Rogers

SSS blue Bed
By Sophie

Anticrepuscular sky over Phnom Penh dawn sunrise Cambodia phnompenh Sunrays atmospheric sky silhouettes of a city horizon Daybreak rooftops colour of life From My Window sky Landscape_Collection anticrepuscular rays cityscapes Rays of light Skyline shadows 43 Golden Moments
By Amy K Ariffin

By Naomi

Header image by @PuckSaucedo.