Photography Chronicles. All Eyes On: Noireley

By Maddie - 6 min read

All Eyes On features inspiring members of the EyeEm community. Today we’re chatting with @noireley about the simple beauty of photography.

All Eyes On features inspiring members of the EyeEm community. Today we’re chatting with noireley about the simple beauty of photography.

Hi Haley! Can you tell us a few things about yourself?

Hello! I am a student in Canton, China. I major in linguistics and because of this, I have to read a lot in my free time. To a certain extent, I am “forced” to read for assignments, but I really enjoy it.

How I spend my free time mostly depends on the weather. If it is a sunny day, I really like wondering around alone. If it is rainy or cloudy, like the recent weather, I just stay at home. My favorite places are all those quiet little lanes and alleys. I love old stuff, such as old wooden mailboxes, old wooden doors and old broken windows. They are just too beautiful! I can always find them in lanes and alleys.

blackandwhite monochrome selfportrait by Noireley on EyeEm

How did you choose the name noireley?

This name just came into my mind when I was creating an EyeEm account. I love the color “noire”.

Your photos are both simple and beautiful. How do these two qualities interact in your life?

I appreciate the simple things in life and see beauty in them. They are mysterious and attractive to me and I can always find something interesting and nice in things that are simple.Frankly speaking, it is because I don’t have certain topic about what to take photos of in my life and no certain photo style. Sometimes I will make it black and white, and sometimes I want to try different kinds of tones. I am not good at handling complicated things. Or in other words, I don’t like “complicated”. So, my goal for taking photos is to make them simple.

minimalism simplicity landscape lake by Noireley on EyeEm

Can you please tell the story behind this photo?

This is a picture I took when I travelled during my winter holiday. The sun was setting and its reflection in the water was just gorgeous. That simple bridge was attrative to me and in fact, at that time, a lot of people were walking on it. I waited there for a few minutes and then took a picture quickly when there were fewer people. Later I came home and sorted out the photos I took. The moment I saw this, the sentence “mind your own business” was lingering in my mind.

Many of your photographs include nature even though you’re not always outside. Is nature important to you?

Yes, nature means a lot to me. When I see the heart-warming sunset or flowers in full blossom or when I was surrounded by trees, I feel very relaxed and happy. It’s random and out of control. You will never know what color will be on the sky of tomorrow’s sunrise or sunset.

landscape lake simplicity EyeEm Nature Lover by Noireley on EyeEm

Where did you go on your most recent holiday?

I went to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou at the end of January. Being born and growing up in Canton, China, where even in winter the temperature is always above zero, it was my first time to experience the subzero cold. It was always my hope to go there, to see The Bund in Shanghai, to see the West Lake in Hangzhou, to see the wonderful garden landscape in Suzhou and to see the view that is quite different from here. My dream finally came true.

Floating…. selfportrait Hiking EyeEm Nature Lover by Noireley on EyeEm

What are your favorite editing apps?

Snapseed and the old version of VSCOcam. I often use Snapseed to adjust details and I like the tone of the old VSCOcam.

Favorite album(s) on EyeEm: light and shadow minimalism EyeEm Nature Lover blackandwhite monochrome

Why do you love EyeEm?

I love EyeEm because it allows me to post pictures in free size and because the photos can be added to certain albums that it provides me an easy way to see the things I am interested in. It gathers people who share the same interest or style together.

Can you give us a tip to take better photos?

When you take a picture, try your best to make the main thing you want to express stands out so that people won’t get confused and know clearly what they should focus on the moment they see it.

sunset sky Plant steph filter by Noireley on EyeEm

Reading tea time photo Sunday by Noireley on EyeEm

flowers by Noireley on EyeEm

Good morning✨ Happy Sunday Eating Morning ice cream Sunday by Noireley on EyeEm

Sunday flowers by Noireley on EyeEm

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