Photographing The Great Outdoors. All Eyes On: Patrick Walsh

By Severin - 5 min read

All Eyes On features inspiring members of the EyeEm community. Up today: Patrick Walsh, who climbs the great outdoors of the USA and takes breathtaking photos from the highest peaks.

Name: Patrick Walsh
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: I am a freelance filmmaker, commercial director and editor. Additionally, I develop concepts for brands interested in new media as well as consult on large scale commercial projects.
Food of choice: My food of choice is French cuisine and a bottle of wine, though a burger and a beer at the local pub is also a good pick!

How come you get to see these amazing landscapes and climb so many mountains?

Aside from filmmaking, my other passions include the great outdoors and photography. I am an avid hiker, and I am turning that passion into mountaineering. My mobile photography is closely tied to that.

What was the most funny, random, surprising thing that ever happened to you?

On a film production years ago, I walked into what I thought was the production office trailer and helped myself to food and a drink, I sat back on a comfortable chair, and changed the TV channel to catch up on some sports updates. Not much time had past when I had a feeling someone was starring at me.

I then realized that I had walked into the wrong trailer and was actually in the star’s private trailer. Gary Oldman was sitting at the other end of the room looking at me with a slightly amused smile. I told him that I had mistaken his trailer for the production office trailer, I turned back the channel and before leaving nodded at the food table and said “nice snacks!” He didn’t say a word, but did chuckle.

Climbers at Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier. EyeEm Nature Lover landscape Nature 25 Days of Summer by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

Favorite editing apps:

I generally use three apps, VSCOcam, Snapseed and PS Touch. I start with a solid image and use one of these apps, and at times all three to accentuate what is already there.

Favorite albums:

Landscape, Nature, Mountains, AMPt_Community, VSCOcam, Shootermag

Your advice for taking better photos:

What ever it is you like to do, go out there and do it. But also take the time to explore and try something new. Mobile photography is leveling the playing field that was once assumed to be the realm of professional photographers; those lines are now blurring. People have the capacity to be creative, and at times I have seen work from “amateurs” that surpasses professional photographers. Stay curious and be inspired.

Westerly gaze. mountain Nature landscape by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

Little Tahoma Peak :: Mount Rainier volcano mountain Nature landscape by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

At sea. EyeEm Nature Lover Great outdoors Nature sea by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

A Rendezvous shootermag scenic view pacific ocean landscape by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

Caught In Flight birds by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

Coastal California pacific ocean Nature landscape by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

Los Angeles Skyline Skyline Cityscape losangeles by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

T W I S T E D EyeEm Nature Lover Nature by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

A walk in the fog. California landscape Nature EyeEm Nature Lover by Patrick Walsh on EyeEm

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Patrick!