Photo Hack Day Competition: Blue

By Severin - 1 min read

Submit your photos and grace the walls of Photo Hack Day Berlin! Everything associated to blue is welcome, even if it’s totally out of the blue.

Hi guys,

Photo Hack Day Berlin goes down this weekend at Stattbad Wedding, which wasone of the most prestigious swimming pools in early 20th century Berlin. To support the participants, who will work 24h nonstop on their photo hacks, we want to surround them with beautiful photos that inspire and fit to the venue: and there’s nothing better thanblue to do just that!

We’re going to project the EyeEm album blue live at the event + print selected photos out of the album and hang them on the walls.

Your mission:add your photos to the album and give some visual relief to the hard workers at Photo Hack Day!

The brief:think of the endless immensity of the sea, swimming, pools, water, the blues, lilies, waves… everything associated to blue is great, even if it’s totally out of the blue.

How to participate: upload your images and enter “blue” in the activity tag (the purple bubble). Your photos will then be automatically added to the album.

Deadline: Saturday 9AM Berlin time. This is when we start projecting the album at the venue.

The reward: your photos will grace the walls of Photo Hack Day Berlin and surround the 100+ participants as they hack the future of photography

Let’s take photos together. We’re looking forward to your submissions!

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