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The World in Black and White: Your Best Monochrome Images

By Lars - 3 min read

See who won a Huawei P9 with our Monochrome Photography Mission

The Huawei P9 smartphone comes with a special sensor for monochrome photos. We were giving one of these phones away, and what could be more fitting than asking you to submit your best black and white photos? You showed us your world, stripped of all colors and in beautiful shades of grey – all part of the Monochrome Photography Mission.


By Johanna

Congratulations to Johanna, who took this mysterious-looking shot – the black and white looks give it a lot of extra character and emphasize the stark contrasts between the silhouettes in the foreground and the sky in the background.


By willum.berlin

By David

By SJP Photography

By Tenebrogg

By www.restlessvagabonds.com

By Sarah

By Fredrik Andersen

By Renan Aoki

By orbitron

By Ness Kuper

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Header image by @RenanAoki.

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