How One Lucky EyeEm Photographer Won a Canon Camera

By EyeEm Team - 15 min read

Here are the results from our “Live for the Story” Mission.

This summer, we ran a special Mission with Canon. For it, we asked you to shoot tales of an endless summer—things that echo Canon’s call to “Live for the Story.” In return, the camera maker had promised to reward their chosen winner with amazing prize: A brand-new Canon EOS M5.

No wonder, then, that this Mission was a massive success: In just 22 days, you contributed over 121,000 photos and left more than 50,000 comments on each other’s pictures. Today, we’re happy to present you the winners and unveil which lucky photographer received the camera.


Congratulations to Yicheng Xiao! For your amazing picture of a cave swimmer, you’ll be receiving a Canon EOS M5 camera.

By 肖益成


We were floored by the quality of submissions to this Mission—incredibly evocative photos that show summer from its brightest side. Thank you so much for contributing your pictures and congratulations for making it onto the shortlist.

By Merle Eckstein

By Blake Howarth

By Cristian Bortes

By Andy Id

By M. Akbar ‘Anifa

By Michael Schauer

By Marieke Feenstra

By Matei M.

By Michael Moeller

By Patrick Wendt

By Alex Vakulin

By Akphotography00

By Pantea Naghavi Anaraki

By Nick Verbelchuk

By Alexandru Mahu

By Ayan Roy

By WenQi Li

By Niclas Stoehr

By Gaile

By Anass Bachar

By Alaric

By Alexandre Amaral

By Altan Can

By Aquiles Pirovano

By Alexandre Amaral

By Honore

By lety_

By Alejandro Maese

By Froi Rivera

By zhengjun

By Irakli Abashidze 📷

By Betsy Meza Moreno

By Akphotography00

By Selasi Tawia

By Adrian Ponce – AP Motion Frames

By E R I K

By Alexandre Amaral

By darlene turla

By Alexandre Amaral

By Benimonzieur

By Fabiana

By Miguel Angel Magüesín Gallardo

By Nick Verbelchuk

Missions are your chance to get your photos seen and win amazing prizes. Want to participate as well? Check out current Missions and submit your pictures!

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