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A Cliché-Free Valentine's Day: 13 Images That Celebrate Self-Love

Brogues and Rocio
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Romance may not be dead, but these photos prove there's a lot to be said for a little self-appreciation – not just on February 14, but every other day of the year too.

Self-care has become quite the stylish commodity of late, but at its core, is priceless: Far from a trend, making time for acts of kindness to yourself is vital for your overall wellbeing and inner contentment. Not to mention, in an era with more "singles" than ever, it's about time we start to represent the vast numbers of people who are more than happy doing it for themselves. 

It's time to redefine what it means to be romantic.

By Sonii Naaz
By Lavinia Barna
By Amulya Mandava
By Luisa
By أحمد رِضَا
By Michael Tinitigan
By rodger shija
By JLWainright
By Rike Wunsch
By Levani Kalmaxelidze
By Veronica Sahonero Laporte
By San Brar

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