New Photos That Sold & The Tweets That Celebrate It!

By Severin - 4 min read

A selection of our favorite shots & tweets from this week on EyeEm Market

The tweets, posts and messages that pop up whenever a photographer from the EyeEm community sells a photo make us jump for joy every time we come across them.

So here’s a selection of the most adorable tweets together with some favorite photos that got licensed. All of the following images have been licensed through EyeEm Market recently and are being used in media, publishing, magazines and countless other projects around the world.

If you feel like this is something you want to try, join EyeEm Market and start adding your photos. You’re most welcome on board!

Sold my first image on @EyeEm market. Hereby announcing my retirement!

— M A R V I N (@themarvinside) 22. April 2015

By Lode Kuylenstierna

By Marvin

By Farhan Hussain

Call me a photographer! I sold photos for 90 dollars in March. Thanks, @EyeEm, you’re awesome!

— Monika Kanokova (@mkanokova) 22. April 2015

Thank YOU, Monika!

By Monika Kanokova

By Dominik


I sold 2 pictures on @EyeEm Market. First time!

— Mateusz Jaszak (@Deepobserveron) 22. April 2015

By Mateusz Jaszak

By Qayyum

By Charlene Ho

A selfie of mine just sold on the @EyeEm market. Keep your selfie game strong folks

— Jordan Cortese (@jordan_miles) 22. April 2015

It’s a pretty good selfie, though!

By Jordan Cortese

By Xavier Serrano

By {victoria hu}

Love waking up to a message from @EyeEm saying “You’ve sold more photos.”

— C.C. Chapman (@cc_chapman) 22. April 2015

So do we!

By C.C. Chapman

By Miccaaa

By LiYing

Just made another $ 5 selling an image on the @EyeEm collection. Considering to quit and do this for a living.

— Hendrik Harlichs (@hharlichs) 22. April 2015


By Gabriele

By Ole

Sold my first photo on @EyeEm! 🙂 cc: @spieri

— GPS (@gurpreetz) 22. April 2015


By Lia

By Lou Noble

Yay! I just sold another photo on the @EyeEm #Market! Check it out here: #stockphotography

— Ale Di Gangi (@ale2000) 22. April 2015

By Alex

By Shaunie

By Tám Mụp

feels gooood to sell my first photo via @EyeEm X @GettyImages!

— Brogues C-M (@broguescm) 22. April 2015

By Brogues C-M

By Andrea Guerra

By ginocchiaapunta

Yay! Thanks so much for sharing. If you want to join the fun, head over to EyeEm Market and see where it takes you. For any questions feel free to email us any time!

Header image by @jordanmiles

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