New Photo Mission: Totally Worth It

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Show us how your endeavors have paid off in our new photo mission with The Huffington Post

Sometimes the best things in life take a little effort. Maybe you have to queue for the best sandwich in town or trek for hours to find a breathtaking view? Sometimes the wait, the challenge and the sweat makes the reward even sweeter. That’s why our newest mission with The Huffington Post is simply called Totally Worth It.

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Your Mission: What have you done recently that was totally worth it? Training for a marathon, embracing the cold water for an unforgettable ocean swim or a hiking through a jungle? Maybe a little closer to home, you had to queue to get tickets to see your favorite artist in concert, or you spent hours baking a truly delicious cake? Whatever challenge, this mission is about capturing why it was Totally Worth It.

Your Reward: The 10 images which best tell the story of a “Totally Worth It” reward will appear in the Moving Image series on The Huffington Post, as well as in Huffington, the iPad Magazine. Runners up will appear in a video in the article recap on the Huffington Post, as well as on the EyeEm blog.

Icing a cake



How To Take Part: Capture your image and tag it with Totally Worth It. Your photo will then be automatically added to the album. If you want to add a photo that you’ve already uploaded, just go to your profile, view the photo and select “Edit Photo”. From there you can add the tag “Totally Worth It”.

Deadline: November 5, 2014

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About The Huffington Post: The Huffington Post is a Pulitzer Prize-winning source of breaking news, features, and entertainment, as well as a highly engaged community for opinion and conversation.

The Terms:
By participating you allow The Huffington Post to reproduce and feature your image for editorial use on our platform, as well as associated social media channels and third party platforms carrying HuffPost content. You will remain the copyright owner of your image and where possible will be credited when your content is used by HuffPost. If we inadvertently fail to provide a credit, upon written notice to support@eyeem.com we will promptly add the attribution. Your image will be provided and used in accordance with The Huffington Post and EyeEm terms and conditions located at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/terms.html and http://www.eyeem.com/tos, respectively. In order to withdraw your image from consideration by Huffington Post, simply remove the album tag of this mission in your profile.


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We’re looking forward to seeing your photos! If you have any questions, feedback, or you just want to say hi, you can connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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