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New Photo Mission: Street Food Worldwide

By Cherrie - 4 min read

Toronto to Tokyo, Melbourne to Milan, we’ve teamed up with Bento to see your street eats

There’s nothing shameful about a street food breakfast, lunch or dinner. That’s what we keep telling ourselves anyway! Maybe you don’t have the time to cook, there’s a local street food market on, or you simply have a weakness for Mexican quesadillas, British fish and chips, Japanese sushi, North American burgers, Italian pizza… 💭

Keep scrolling for all the information you need to enter this Mission!

High angle view of food in box on table


Michael Moeller

Your Mission: Hungry? Look away now! In Street Food Worldwide we want to see your sweet, greasy, messy and downright bizarre street eats. And the healthy ones too of course! Whether you’re tucking into a late night fast food treat, a quick bite on the go or a snack for the road, capture your street grub in all its beauty to enter.

Close-up of preparing sub wrap on worktop


Firdaus Jurahel

Your Reward: A selection of finalists will have their photographs featured, with full credits, in Bento, the new millennial news site of Spiegel Online. The top images will also be featured in an image collection on the EyeEm Blog. Winners will be chosen by the EyeEm and Spiegel Online photo editors.

Deadline:Thursday 19th May 2016

Download EyeEm to participate

How To Take Part: Photos tagged with Street Food Worldwide will automatically be entered to the Mission. So add the tag as you upload a photo or add it to one you’ve already uploaded – just select Edit Photo then add the tag “Street Food Worldwide”.

Close-up of pizza slice in plate


Stefano Rocca




Cropped image of person holding ice cream


Renja Ninja

High angle view of falafel


J-O Eriksson

Close-up of large hamburger on table


Jędrzej Kamiński

Close-up of man holding lobster wrap



Cropped hand of person holding food in plate


Mark Tan

Cropped hand holding burgers in plate on street


Kevin W


Tim Grist

The Terms: By participating you allow Bento to reproduce and feature your image for editorial use on their platform, as well as associated social media channels. You will remain the copyright owner of your image and where possible will be credited when your content is used by Spiegel Online. Your image will be provided and used in accordance with EyeEm terms and conditions located at http://www.eyeem.com/tos. In order to withdraw your image from consideration by Bento, simply remove the album tag of this mission in your profile.

About Bento: Bento is the new millennial news site by Spiegel Online, one of Germany’s most popular online news outlets.

Interested in partnering with EyeEm on a Mission? Join some of the world’s biggest media outlets and best-known brands and be at the center of the conversation. Find out more.

Header image by @markthespark.

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