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New Photo Mission: Original Experiences

By Lucy - 3 min read

The winner of this Mission will be booked for a professional photo shoot with Design Hotels™!

Sailing on blue-green waters in the soft Portuguese sunlight. Watching the sunset over the Manhattan skyline in never-ending New York. Spending a long weekend in a 17th-century palazzo hotel in the heart of Rome. Feeling on top of the world in alpine St Moritz…

Time goes on, but certain moments stay with you. The special moments that moved your soul or altered your mind. The Original Experiences that remain fresh in your memory, long after you’ve returned home. Let’s see yours! We’re teaming up with Design Hotels™ for this nostalgic new Mission.

Brechenmacher Baumann Photography for Design Hotels™

Your Mission: Original Experiences is about celebrating those memorable trips and special adventures. Whatever they may be! Perhaps you were on vacation in Rome, working in New York, relaxing in Lisbon, getting the adrenaline pumping in the Switzerland Alps – or something magical took place a little closer to home. Simply show us the experiences that have stayed with you, long after you returned home, to enter.

Don’t forget to add a location tag to your photo – and tell the story behind it in the captions or comments!

Your Reward:The photographer who best captures an authentic, original experience will be booked for a professional photo shoot with Design Hotels™! Their images will also be purchased. The two runners-up will win one of the following two prizes: a 3 night stay in Athens and a 2 night stay in Madrid.They will also star in an EyeEm image collection along with a handful of runners-up!

Deadline: Monday 27th June

Download EyeEm to participate

How To Take Part: Photos tagged with Original Experiences will automatically be entered to the Mission. So add the tag as you upload a photo or add it to one you’ve already uploaded – just select Edit Photo then add the tag “Original Experiences”.

Brechenmacher Baumann Photography for Design Hotels™

Brechenmacher Baumann Photography for Design Hotels™

Brechenmacher Baumann Photography for Design Hotels™

About Design Hotels™: Design Hotels™represents and markets a curated selection of over 300 independent hotels in over 50 countries across the globe.

More than a collection of hotels, the company is a collection of stories. Each property reflects the ideas of a visionary hotelier, an “Original,” someone with a passion for genuine hospitality, cultural authenticity, thought- provoking design and architecture. Each “Original” stands for the individual, aesthetic and service-driven experience that his or her hotel provides.

Founded by Claus Sendlinger in 1993, Design Hotels™ offers its members insightful travel industry knowledge, from market trend consultancy to international sales representation. The company has its headquarters in Berlin and branches in London, Barcelona, New York and Singapore.

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