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New Photo Mission: EyeEmPhoto

By Cherrie - 2 min read

Get your photo on our @eyeemphoto Instagram page!

Mission: Are you following us on Instagram yet? If not, why not?! Come join us to see photos from the EyeEm Community brought to a whole new audience – and get a sneaky look at EyeEm HQ in our Instagram Stories!

Now it’s your chance to get your photo on @eyeemphoto! First, follow us on Instagram. Add the tag EyeEmPhoto to a photo you think will work perfectly on our page – something that you think our Instagram followers will love to see. All subject matters welcome!

Prize: The top three photos from this Mission, as picked by EyeEm photo editors, will star on our @eyeemphoto Instagram page. They’ll also get their hands on EyeEm goodie bags!

Deadline: Monday 29th August

How To Take Part: Add the tag EyeEmPhoto to a new photo or go back and add it to one you’ve uploaded before.

By Yunjeong Hwang

By Claudia Prontera

By Junru Bian

By Chris P

By Tclok_

Header image by @tclock.