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New Photo Mission: Enjoy the New Normal

By Maddie - 2 min read

Capture your shared moments in our newest Mission with mezzo mix

Mission: You know the good life isn’t all about the flash and cash – it’s all about the real moments. mezzo mix, the iconic German orange-cola mix beverage, is looking for your spontaneous, unstaged photos reflecting snapshots of life as you know it. It’s not about going to the big party or fancy restaurants – it’s about spending time with friends, taking a bike ride and jumping in a lake, having a BBQ at the park, or just chilling out on a terrace. Your composition and lighting don’t have to be perfect, no studios or spotlights here – it’s about the perfect moment, not the perfect picture. And remember: you don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight.

Prize: The top 5 photos will win a Herschel backpack and a print of their photo. In addition, a selection of finalists will be featured in an EyeEm image collection on the blog.

Deadline: November 29, 2016

How To Take Part: Add the tag Enjoy the New Normal to a new photo or go back and add it to one you’ve uploaded before.

Happy friends enjoying barbecue party at yard

By Ramzi Rizk

Shirtless friends jumping into river against sky

By Justin Sanders

Woman photographing friend while sitting at park

By Rytis Šeškaitis

Happy woman carrying friend in forest

By Ann Ilagan

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About mezzo mix: mezzo mix is not another hipster drink! It’s just a normal mixed beverage with a refreshing great taste. Ideal to enjoy it together with some friends in casual moments, that are just perfect the way they are – as well as mezzo mix itself, the perfect mix between cola and orange.

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Header photo by @rytisseskaitis