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New Photo Mission: 43 Golden Moments

By Lucy - 2 min read

Unleash your inner gold in this new Mission with Licor 43

We’re joining forces with our friends at Licor 43 for a 43-day Mission! The Spanish drinks company will be sending one EyeEm photographer to Barcelona – and licensing the best images. So grab your camera and show us what your golden moments look like. Pura pasión!

Your Mission: Prestige, victory, luxury, or the natural world at its most beautiful: What comes to mind when you think of golden moments? From golden sunsets to extravagant interiors and everyday gold objects that catch your eye, we want you to shoot for gold! Embrace the passion, spontaneity and pride of our partners, Licor 43 and enter the results to 43 Golden Moments.

Joachim Baldauf for Licor 43

Your Reward:The one winning photographer from this Mission will win a trip to Spain.Licor 43 will also license their favorite photos – and the top 3 photographers will receive an appraisal of their photo from star photographer Joachim Baldauf. All of the winners will also star in an EyeEm image collection!

Deadline: August 2, 2016

Download EyeEm to participate

How To Take Part: Photos tagged with 43 Golden Moments will automatically be entered to the Mission. So add the tag as you upload a photo or add it to one you’ve already uploaded – just select Edit Photo then add the tag “43 Golden Moments”.


Alfons Teruel


Nidal Sadeq


Sasha Dudkina


Maite Pons

About LICOR 43: LICOR 43 is the best-selling premium liqueur from Spain worldwide and is based on a secret recipe, handed down from generation to generation – consisting mainly of exotic fruits, aromatic herbs and vanilla.

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Header image by Joachim Baldauf for Licor 43.