New Notifications, Widgets & Bug Fixes. EyeEm 3.8.3 for Android is out!

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Today’s release of EyeEm 3.8.3 for Android comes with heaps of new features: New notification previews, camera & album widgets, a NFC beam feature, the Daydream slideshow and lots of bug fixes especially for older devices.

Today’s release of EyeEm 3.8.3 for Android comes with heaps of new features: new notification previews, camera & album widgets, an NFC beam feature, the Daydream slideshow and lots of bug fixes, especially for older devices.

Sounds awesome, right? Then update now onGoogle Play.

New notification previews

It’s now much faster and easier to receive updates about interactions. As soon as someone likes one of your photos, you’ll receive a notification and can preview the photo directly in your notification menu.

You can also see a preview of the profile of a new follower and directly see a comment someone leaves on a photo of yours. Hit reply and you’re taken to EyeEm to continue the conversation.

Camera & album widgets

This version of EyeEm introduces widgets for the first time. Add the camera widget to your Android home screen and you’ll get direct access to the EyeEm camera with just 1 tap. Taking a shot, adding a filter and uploading it to EyeEm is now faster than ever.

Add the album widget to your screen to see live previews of your favorite albums. If, for example, you’re really into Architecture, you just add it to your screen and see every new photo straight from your Android home screen. Tap once and you’ll jump to EyeEm to like the photo or comment on it.

The NFC beam feature

Our awesome Team Android devs Lukasz & Ronaldo included NFC (Near Field Communication) support in this version. Open EyeEm on your device, get near another Android device, and you’ll automatically follow the other person on EyeEm.

Here are Lukasz & Ronaldo demoing the feature:

They are now following each other on EyeEm. Amazing, right?

The Daydream slideshow

Another great new feature is the Daydream slideshow. Go into Settings > Display > Daydream and select EyeEm there. Now your Android device will start a slideshow of your liked photos in full screen.We especially recommend this one for tablet owners; it’s very nice to see a slideshow of your favorite photos at work, while cooking or in the living room!

And lots of bug fixes!

We especially improved the performance for older devices running on Gingerbread and made tons of small bug fixes. Get the update on Google Play and you’ll see how smoothly it runs.

Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below or write to Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Your EyeEm Team

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