New Photo Mission: Skrill iT presents Far From Home

By Severin - 2 min read

Show us what it means to be far from home and win cash prizes of up to €500, instantly transferred to you from anywhere in the world via Skrill iT.

We’ve teamed up with Skrill iT for an exciting new mission: show us what it means to you to be far away from home and win cash prizes of up to €500, instantly transferred to you from anywhere in the world via Skrill iT.

Your Mission: What does it mean to you to be far from home? What do you miss the most? How do you stay in touch with your loved ones?

Take a photo that expresses how you feel being far from home and submit it to Skrill iT Far From Home.

About Skrill iT:Skrill iT provides low cost worldwide payment solutions for people living far from home. It’s the new way to send money instantly to family and friends; all you need is an email address to send money to 200 countries in 40 currencies.

Get started with Skrill iT by signing up today.

Your reward: Skrill iT will select the three most beautiful, unique or funny photographs to be winners. The first prize will be €500 and 2 runners up will each receive €250, instantly transferred to you via Skrill iT.

Additionally, Skrill iT will collate a selection of the best photos to be featured on the website. Competition entrants will be fully credited of course and will also receive a goody pack as a thank you.

Deadline: November 10th, 2013

How to take part:All you need to do is take a photo and tag it with Skrill iT Far From Home.Your photo will then be automatically added to the missions album.

If you want to add a photo you’ve already uploaded, you can do so via the “Edit Photo” menu. Just go to your profile, view the photo and select “Edit Photo.” From there you can add the tag “Skrill iT Far From Home”.

What are you waiting for?Put into a picture what it’s like to be far away from home.

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What we had to do before we could put a phone in our pocket. telephone by Alan Macintyre on EyeEm


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