Thank you!

Hi everyone, as a little thank you for the amazing feedback we received for our book we are giving away a free copy to our next competition winner. The theme is “Capturing nature”. All you need to to is upload your favorite photos, tag them with #nature and join the fun!

The EYE’EM Book

The Book is an interactive reference work for anyone interested in photography, creativity and design. As a tribute to the EYE’EM Mobile Photography Award 2010, it’s featuring the award-winning work, interviews and portraits of some of the most talented mobile photographers from all over the world. It includes a number of QR codes. You will find them all over the book, linking to interviews, videos and articles that you can check  out on your mobile devices.

Competition Facts

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Competition Tag: #nature

Deadline: midnight Saturday November 6th.

Starting right now!

Prize: The winner will receive the brand new EYE’EM Mobile Photography book!

Join the fun!