A Modern Look at Weddings Around the World in 20 Pictures

By Johanna - 5 min read

Wedding pictures from all around the world, right here in one place.

The beauty of modern weddings is that they all look a little different. Brides and grooms and grooms and brides across the world are breaking away from tradition and taking a fresher approach to their big days, intertwining their own cultures and customs with new locations and modern touches. EyeEm photographers are capturing them every step of the way, snapping love stories and authentic moments – and licensing the results!

Here are real wedding pictures from the EyeEm Community guaranteed to help you start the conversation and spread a little love this wedding season. All of the shots below are available to license on EyeEm Market. And we can even help you find the perfect wedding picture for your campaign, or write a best man speech for you! Just get in touch.

large group of people

By SungJae Cho in Prague, Czech Republic

Full length of lesbian couple smiling at each other while wearing wedding dress

By McCutcheon in Antelope Island, Utah, USA

By Duc Viet Nguyen in Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam

Cropped image of woman applying alta dye on bride foot

By Surya Prakash in India


By Rosie Kelly in the United Kingdom

Wedding decoration by rocks at beach

By Xenophon Kapa in Limassol, Cyprus


By alohajenae ✨ in Toronto, Canada



SaEmi in Tokyo, Japan



Daniel Santalla in Spain

looking at camera

By Rahim Isam in Malaysia

Low section view of bride with groom standing together

By julia nestler in Lippstadt, Germany

two people

By Jan T. in Hong Kong



Bunty B in Birmingham, United Kingdom

By Moni Zitroni in Berlin, Germany

Smiling bride with flower bouquet sitting in car

By Daria y Jose in Asturias, Spain

large group of people

By Nazir Azhari in Shah Alam, Malaysia

Bride and bridegroom standing with balloons in front of face on grass

By Mrs. Jin Chu-Ferrer in Austin, Texas

Bride and bridegroom standing by lake


Alexandru Sporea, Romania

Friends toasting champagne flutes


Viktoria Rodriguez, London

By LeMou in Napoli, Italy

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Header image by @danisantalla.

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