Welcome to Black: See the Winning Images

By Kayla - 5 min read

You have a keen eye for the different shades of black.

Together with Audi, we asked you to upload photos with a dark touch toWelcome to Black. You delivered beautiful, elegant pictures that explore all the different shades of black. Keep scrolling to check out our gallery of winning photographs.


Congratulations to Reinhard Krull! He’ll receive the opportunity to drive an Audi RS model for one weekend courtesy of Audi City Berlin! Along with all the runners-up below, this photo will be licensed and exhibited by Audi City Berlin.

By Reinhard Krull


By Emre

By Георгий Дорофеев (Georgij Dorofeev)

By Stephan Doetsch

By Yannick

By Reinhard Krull

By Christian

By Yannick

By Photelling Images

By Moni Zitroni

By Ralf

By Benedikt Seifert

Thanks to everyone who took part in this Mission!

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Header photo byStephan Doetsch.

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