In Milan, Beauty is Hidden in the Details

By Brada - 7 min read

It may seem like an unlikely place for design, but take a closer look at this collection to see why the world turns to the Italian metropolis.

The eyes of the design world are currently on Italy, where the annual Milan Design Week is in full swing. As the world’s biggest and most important design fair, it regularly attracts talents from all over the world. In the process, it transforms the host city into a pandemonium of events, exhibitions, and parties.

The irony of such a visual event is that Milan isn’t the country’s prettiest city. At first sight, it even seems quite unlike the rest of Italy. But take a closer look and you’ll see that it has a lot of beauty to offer in its details.

We’ve put together this photo collection to show the unique atmosphere of Milan – and to show you some glimpses of what makes it so great.

By Valeria Borgese

By Dainius Dambrauskas

By Felix

By Tenebrogg

By Barbara Silbe

By Elisa Sferrazza

By Mariagostina

By StudioBelafonte

By Marzia

By Ilaria Corticelli

By Nicolò

By fabio c. manente

By StudioBelafonte

By Marco Lamberto

By Fabrizio Tavaroli

By Jay Jr.

By Alberto Masi

By Darko

By Tenebrogg

By Daniele

By Alessandro De Cinti

By Nicola Nigri

By Aliss Dicembrino

By sfncrp

By Valentino

By Gulli

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