Meet the Team: Severin Matusek

By Stephanie - 4 min read

Meet the team is a new section on EyeEm where we feature little interviews with our team members. Today we kick it off with Severin, our Head of Content & Community.

Meet the team is a new section on EyeEm where we feature little interviews with our team members . Today we kick it off with Severin, our Head of Content & Community.


Quality time at Style without Boundaries by Severin on EyeEm

Severinjoined us in summer 2011 and takes care of our blog and all things community, from cooperations to special projects, he is the man to talk to. Let’s get to know him by his photos first..

Hi there, who are you?

Abandoned door leading on wall of house

The Doors in Tel Aviv by Severin on EyeEm

What do you love?

human body part

Ride or die at 12047 by Severin on EyeEm

What really annoys you?


Having fun at Netto by Severin on EyeEm

Your favorite place in the world?

Your best kept secret?

Hello Severin! Tell us a little bit about yourself: who are you, where do you come from and how did you get into mobile photography?

Hi there, I’m Severin, 27 years old coming from Vienna, Austria. I’m into mobile photography for a few years already, but only since this summer I’m taking pictures with more than 1 megapixel cameras. Before I shot with my lo-fi Sony Erricsson phone for many years, mainly to document things when no other camera was at hand.

I also shoot with analog cameras for a long time and once worked on a PhD thesis that investigated the meaning of various uses of different cameras.. but that’s a different story. I’ve published books for Lomography for quite some time before I bumped into the guys of EyeEm and found out that what they are doing is kicking ass.

Your favorite place in the world looks fantastic. Where is it?

It’s the Alte Donau in Vienna. This is a magical place to hang out in summer, relax and have a chat with the charming locals. Swimming in the danube feels like being back in your mothers womb; it’s nice, warm and softer than anything you can imagine.

Why is your best kept secret a basil plant?

After years of dying basil plants in my home I finally figured out how to keep them alive!

What do you love to do in your spare time?

I like riding my bike, repairing old bikes, playing scrabble and reading the newspaper on Sunday mornings.

What are you dreaming of for the future?

Peace, love and 10 million users on EyeEm.

Your favorite albums?

Besides my album Ride or die I’m currently working on Neulich in Neukölln. It means “Recently in Neukölln” and Neukölln is the district I live in. I try to add pictures that characterize this district. Everyone should do it for the area they live in! Apart from that I really like searching for animal albums on EyeEm. Cat is an all-time classic, horse is pretty good and my current favorite is monkey.

And finally, your favorite picture you took recently?

People on boats sailing in sea against cloudy sky

Sightseeing at Valentinswerder Island by Severin on EyeEm

Cheers, Severin! You can follow Severin on EyeEm and Twitter and say hi in the comments below. He’s especially keen on receiving feedback on our blog and your ideas for kicking off new projects and cooperations!

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