by Matias Castello – Head of Mobile (Product)

Photography is a process. We each have our ways and techniques, but we all share the same workflow: take, pick, edit, share. With that in mind, we reimagined the EyeEm camera for iOS, and we’ve added a few handy features to make sure you save time, taps, and a lot of back and forth.


Capture the perfect moment

When you’re out taking photos, you never take just one. Sometimes you need multiple shots to capture the perfect moment, and you shouldn’t have to go back and forth between your camera and your Camera Roll to make sure you have it. With this new version of EyeEm for iOS, you never have to leave the camera.

Use the photostrip to snap multiple shots and select the best photo when you’re done. The thumbnails of the photos you’re taking will appear at the top of the screen as you shoot, without ever interfering with the viewfinder.


An easier way to find the right photo

We all spend a lot of time in the Camera Roll trying to find our best photos, but going through small, cropped images isn’t ideal to select an image easily. EyeEm’s new custom Camera Roll sports large photos and preserves the original aspect ratio of each image to make it easier for you to find the photo you’re looking for.

Your most recent photos are directly accessible, and you can swipe right to view a list of all the photo albums on your device.

If you want to take a closer look, long-press on a photo to see an even larger preview.


Add exposure

Great light makes great photographs. Thanks to a new iOS 8 functionality built in the new EyeEm camera, you can now adjust the exposure before snapping a photo. Swipe up on the screen to brighten your capture.

The 3 levels of exposure you can choose from adapt to the lighting conditions and always ensure you get the best possible photo.


In addition to the new EyeEm camera, we’re leveraging some other cool iOS 8 features with one goal: further improve your experience within the EyeEm community.

We’ve added interactive notifications so you can reply to a comment, follow a friend who just joined you on EyeEm, or even submit a photo to a new Mission – all possible directly from the notifications you receive. Talking about Missions, make sure you add a photo to our latest Mission in partnership with Airbnb.

Want to share a photo directly from your device’s Camera Roll? No problem. With EyeEm’s new share extension, you can pick any photo, add a caption and tags, and send it to your followers in just a few taps, without even having to launch the EyeEm app.

We rebuilt the new EyeEm camera for iPhone and iPad with your workflow in mind. All of the steps you skip and time you save will be better spent on capturing the perfect moment.

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