Magnum Photos Selects Winners and Gives You 10% Off The Art of Street Photography

By Ellen Clipson - 5 min read

With over 56,000 submissions, our recent Mission in partnership with Magnum Photos captures the significance of unique street photography. Today, we present the grand prize winner and final shortlist. Plus keep reading to find out how you can receive 10% off The Art of Street Photography!

To celebrate the launch of Magnum’s first online course – The Art of Street Photography – we set you the challenge of taking your photography to the streets. Transforming the ordinary into captivating and thought-provoking stories, this Mission pushed the boundaries of everyday visual storytelling and skilful creative pursuits.

The Mission: Compelling Visual Stories Shot on Streets Around the World

Whether they be unexpected moments, captivating portraits or witty new angles. Each image tells its own subtle story and brings a refreshing new viewpoint, highlighting the best of street photography.

As judge of the Mission, Shannon Ghannam (Magnum Photos Global Education Director) was looking for an image that would catch her eye. Here, she shares her ultimate guide to the key elements of great street photography!

The Winner


“With so much accomplished street photography produced it can be very hard to stand out. So what does it take to make a photo unique?

When selecting a ‘good’ image I am working with a checklist of attributes. Has the photographer mastered the craft of photography? How impactful is the composition, the lighting, the use of colour, the speed of capturing a moment? This being said, for this Mission, many photos that could be considered ‘technically good’, didn’t make the shortlist. So, what else contributes to a ‘good’ image?.

Runners Up


“I start to ask myself questions about each image. Do I feel like I have seen this image before? What new information am I learning from this image? What visual cliche might it reinforce or challenge? Does it feel too constructed or contrived? Can I feel the presence of the photographer or am I, as the viewer, fully immersed in the scene? Does the image give me clues as to who the photographer is? How does the dynamic between the subject and the photographer make me feel? Is the image too intrusive, or do I feel the distance of the photographer, physically or metaphorically?”

High angle view of silhouette man walking on wet street during rainy season

“This being said, there is no denying that considering a ‘good’ image is a subjective decision. I cannot help but bring myself, my own experiences and views on the world into my image reviewing. As photographers, it’s important to remember this when out shooting. You are also putting yourself into the frame.”

“This selection of images are those that spoke to me the most from such a large collection of so many ‘good’ images. They tell us a little bit more about what it is to be human, and what it means to delight in trying to express that experience through photography.”

Person seen through wet window during rainy season

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All 6 finalists win access to Magnum Photos’ first ever online course, with our overall winner receiving a portfolio review with Shannon.

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“This course has ten lessons in total, and it covers a range of topics. Anything from the mindset needed to become successful, how street photography is defined, and also how to approach somebody on the street. And then there’s the whole editing process - how to create a kind of order out of chaos of hundreds and hundreds of images.” - Michael Sargeant, Magnum’s Online Education Manager.

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