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Life Is An Awfully Big Adventure! The Winning Images With The Huffington Post

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

He who dares… takes some really awesome photos!

It goes without saying that most photographers have a thirst for adventure. Always looking around the corner for the next amazing shot, it’s not rocket science that the best shots won’t happen while you sit on your couch! Our latest mission with The Huffington Post was all about getting out there and experiencing real adventures, real excitement and real life. We asked you to Share Your Adventure, and boy, you sure did!

The Huffington Post made a selection of their favorites to publish on their HuffPost Travel page, with full credits and links back to all the winning profiles on EyeEm. Check out the full article here!

Congratulations to Damien Malezet, 陈柯浩, Ivana Radojevic, Eygabroad, 林樂耘, Benjamin Lee, Nidal Sadeq, Karl Schaeffler, Kota Kambayashi, Brett Worth, grimlenn, rufio, Sujata Jana, Maller and skyler june who were all featured.

If you’d like to be published in The Huffington Post, check out our latest missions with them, which change weekly. This week, it’s Unlikely Heroes!

By Damien Malezet

By 陈柯浩

By Ivana Radojevic

By Eygabroad

By 林樂耘

By Benjamin Lee

By Nidal Sadeq

By Karl Schaeffler

By Kota Kambayashi

By Brett Worth

By grimlenn

By rufio

By Sujata Jana

By Maller

By skyler june

Congrats everyone! Thanks for taking part. For more ways to get featured, published, exhibited or win great prizes check out the Missions tab in the app.

Header Image by Ivana Radojevic

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