There are only a few weeks left until November 1, which means we’re getting even closer to one of the biggest photo challenges of the year – The Global EyeEm Adventure! The idea behind the Global EyeEm Adventure is to get together as a community to explore and photograph the world’s most beautiful and photogenic places.

You’ve got in touch in droves, and today, it’s with great pride that we’re announcing the first round of EyeEm Adventures from around the world. Whether it’s checking out the Lower East Side in New York City with Fabian Palencia, shooting the sunset over Cape Town with Zach Louw or exploring the underground metro stations in Moscow with Tatiana, EyeEm Adventures are for everyone. EyeEm community members in cities on almost every continent have planned Adventures for you to join. It’s as easy as this:

1. Find your local meetup in the list below
2. Join the Facebook event
3. Have an Adventure on November 1!

Lamarr Golding

The Global EyeEm Adventures on November 1, 2014

New York City with Fabian Palencia
San Francisco, California with Jim Perdue and Josey Oh
Humboldt, California with Lelehnia P DuBois
Windjammer Park/City Beach Park, Washington with Benita Miller
Orlando, Florida with Thomas Griffith
Surfer Beach, Half Moon Bay, California with Michael Santiago
Los Angeles with Lisa Peters
Washington D.C with Messay Shoakena
Berlin, Germany with Steffi and Moritz and the EyeEm Team
Stuttgart, Germany with Constantin Schiller
Bremen, Germany with Deependra Basnet
Hannover, Germany with Stephan Kaps
Paris, France with @jubuesque
London, England with Brogues C-M
Oxford, England with Tom Smith
Leicester, England with Jack Halford
Moscow, Russia with Tatiana
Amsterdam, Holland with Annet
Breda, Holland with Esmeralda Holman
Groningen, Holland with Dennis Krohne
Panama City, Panama with Carlos Agrazal
Bologna, Italy with Daniela Chidichimo
Hong Kong with Jared Lamm
Mumbai, India with Subash Babu
Hyderabad, India with Imran Khaan
Karmaihiya, Nepal with Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka
Tel Aviv, Israel with Arthur Neaman
Beirut, Lebanon with Marc Fayad
Luxembourg, Luxembourg with Mário Tavares
Porto, Portugal with Manuela Matos Monteiro
Cape Town, South Africa with Zach Louw
New South Wales, Australia with Lara El Tawill
Sorocaba, Brazil with Alessandro Paulo Ascencio
São Paulo, Brazil with Cadu Lemos
Beberibe, Brazil with Kattia Basile
Mexico City, Mexico with Eugenio Lojero
Rosario, Argentina with Agustina Peiretti
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Iskandar Zulkarnain
Changi, Singapore with Peter Lamm
Sabah, Malaysia with Nicc Elia Vyone
Philippines with Christian Drey
Saigon, Vietnam with Frank Truong
Taichung, Taiwan with Lai Bit
Tokyo, Japan with Satoshi Honma
Lisbon, Portugal with Ricardo Dias
Sâo Paulo, Brazil with Cadu Lemos

Is your hometown not on the list?
Click here to host your own EyeEm Adventure!

Lai Bit


Shan Dodd



Let’s find the world’s most beautiful places together! If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

Header image by @pliving