Instant Relaxation: 11 Meditation Pictures to Calm the Mind

By Lucy - 3 min read

Ah, the calming powers of a relaxing image collection…

Life ain’t easy. We all need to relax from time to time! If you’re wondering how to fit a few moments of calm into your everyday, fear not. Background scenes of serenity, of silent moments, beautiful shots of nature and the ocean are in high demand. This spirit-calming, soul-soothing series of wellness pictures of meditation and yoga is guaranteed to give you the inner strength and confidence to speed through the afternoon.

Keep scrolling for 11 oh-so-tranquil peace images:

Beautiful image of tall trees and sunlight

By Matěj Šmucr

Girl doing yoga against plants covered fence

By Suzie Q

High angle view of people in boat

By Nguyen Thanh Luan

Front view of man meditating on cliff against autumn trees in forest

By Richard Koczur

Full frame shot of lotus leaves floating on pond

By Katsuaki Shoda

Rear view of woman relaxing on beach shore

By Akina Yamada


By Wesley Thomas Wong

Man doing yoga on rock in lake against sky

By Jorge Montiel Anguiano

Hammock chairs in the park on grass

By Taylor Davidson

Waves on beach

By Alexandra

Silhouette women exercising on beach by sea against sky during sunset

By alvin.choon™

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Header image by @RichardKoczur.