Curated Collection: Photos with Cinematic Style

By Brada - 4 min read

See how storytelling unifies the work of different EyeEm photographers

Here at EyeEm, we have a team of full-time curators working to find the best images. We usually look for photos with a certain visual language or that fit to a specific theme. And to identify the ones that work well together, I like to imagine them as parts of a single story: I look for repetition in the motifs, common visual traits, and often find remarkable overlap between photos – even though they were taken by different photographers in different places.

Over the next weeks, we will bring you a series of image collections that explore different avenues of curation: By looking at certain themes, we will show you how images fit together and how a common narrative emerges from their combination.

This first curated collection contains images with a cinematic feel – photos reminiscent of the golden age of cinema, where each frame tells its own story. In individual sets, these pictures tell stories: some of them dramatic, some inspired by film noir. Let your imagination run wild.

real people

By Alex Lions

front view

By Bravura1

real people

By Jay Ybarra

Man relaxing on sofa against window blinds

By Ruslan Ivanov


By Nikos


By Daniel Schönherr


By tom shower


By Aaron Nett

Swimming pool by house with reflection of orange sky on glass window

By Konstantinos Koletsis

Person in costume holding lit firework during busajaras

By Tibor Ifj Zsák

Blur image of shirtless man walking by stream in forest

By Cara Totman


By René

By Ahmad


By M-A1studio


By Aziza Vasco

By colin


By Mia

People on beach with umbrellas against cloudy sky during monsoon

By Stephen


By aki

By Andreas Bundi

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