Buckle up!

This week Roger Clay from the Inland Empire of California, is taking us on a trip around the world. Stops include: a high speed motorcycle ride in the Philippines, meeting lost friends in Grand Central Station, laying on the beach in Spain, sailing in Argentina, hanging out in Tokyo and many more things at many more places.

All of these 24 photos were shot by 24 people at 24 places in the past 24 hours. What story does each picture tell?


Dahab, Egypt

Hello world in Dahab by Allie Astell on EyeEm

Makati, Phillipines

Street Life at Makati by Cara Gallardo Weil on EyeEm

Lemoore, USA

enjoying life at Hanford, Ca. by Greg Simon on EyeEm

Darwen, UK

streetphotography by Mark Smith on EyeEm


streetphotography in Italy by Rosanna Cappiello on EyeEm

New York, USA

blackandwhite at Grand Central Terminal by Dutch Doscher on EyeEm

Henderson, USA

streetphotography in Henderson by Judy Green on EyeEm

Fort Pol, USA

Dreaming at digita1 bath studio by asleepundercolumnsovlight on EyeEm

Calgary, Canada

Kim Springer in Calgary by Shane Martin on EyeEm

La Marana, France

sunset at La Marana by DjRage on EyeEm

Bueu, Spain

Colors at Playa de Lapamán by Milos Kalvin on EyeEm

Lisbon, Portugal

streetphotography at Restelo by Psyca on EyeEm

Vendeuvre-sur-Barse, France

Nature at vendreuve sur barse by Cedric Blanchon on EyeEm

Troyes, France

blackandwhite in troyes by Cedric Blanchon on EyeEm

Oslo, Norway

subway in Oslo by Håvard Storvestre on EyeEm

Mendoza, Argentina

Travelling at rio negro argentina by Vivicamp on EyeEm

Milan, Italy

in Milano by Giovanna on EyeEm

Los Angeles, USA

streetphotography at Urban Masala @theurbanmasala by Roger Clay on EyeEm

Berlin, Germany

first encounter at U-Bhf Hermannplatz by Elin Aram on EyeEm

Trieste, Italy

Street Life at Expomittelschool by Raffaele Cavicchi on EyeEm

Tokyo, Japan

Walking around at 弾正坂 by mmonkey on EyeEm

New York, USA

Reflection at Empire State Building by Brian Podolsky on EyeEm

Hamburg, Germany

streetphotography at hamburg by Dietmar on EyeEm

Alexandria, USA

streetphotography in Alexandria by The_Real_McCoy on EyeEm