In 24 Pictures Around The World | Pt. 31

By EyeEm Team - 8 min read

This week M A R I A from Brisbane, Australia, is the pilot of our world-traveling plane. Stops include: sailing away in Helsingborg, getting lost in Bengaluru, jumping in Melbourne and watching the moon in New York…

It`s boarding time!

This weekM A R I Afrom Brisbane, Australia, is the pilot ofour world-traveling plane.Stops include: sailing away in Helsingborg, getting lost in Bengaluru,jumping in Melbourne, watching the moon in New York andmuch more things at many more places.

All of these 24 photos were shot by 24 people at 24 places in the past 24 hours. What story does each picture tell?

Pump up the volume and get ready for another exciting trip!

Moscow, Russia

blackandwhite in Москва by want_snow onEyeEm

Los Angeles, USA

AMPt – Angles at Luna Park by Jen Pollack Bianco on EyeEm

Auckland, New Zealand

streetart by Matt Spencer on EyeEm

札幌市, Japan

streetphotography in 札幌市 by digitaglam on EyeEm

Bengaluru, India

Working hard at Hyderabad by Chandler Stevens on EyeEm

Mexico City, Mexico

blackandwhite in Mexico City by BearCub on EyeEm


blackandwhite by Rich on EyeEm

London, UK

abstract in London by Alessandro Pisu on EyeEm

Αθηνα, Greece

blackandwhite at 42 by Stefanos Biniaris on EyeEm

Melbourne, Australia

blackandwhite in melbourne by nik1406 on EyeEm

Rhoon, Nederland

Gone at Fred Monster Fotografie by Fred Monster on EyeEm

Somewhere in Turkey

~V~ by ~V~ on EyeEm

Helsingborg, Sweden

AMPt – Memory in Helsingborg by Davide on EyeEm

Le Mans, France

Panorama at Angers by Motan22 on EyeEm

Rheine, Germany

Checking in at Amsterdam by Oliver Runkewitz on EyeEm

New York, USA

blackandwhite by RIRI on EyeEm

Rijeka, Croatia

Silhouette at Riva by Arnold Finderle on EyeEm

Colmenar Viejo, Spain

at Multiopticas Oficinas Centrales at Multiopticas Oficinas Centrales by Raphaelliais on EyeEm

Montreal, Canada

blackandwhite in Montreal by Gerard Godin on EyeEm

Almanda, Portugal

streetphotography at Planet Earth by R A E C on EyeEm

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

blackandwhite in Rio de Janeiro by anakemper on EyeEm

Venezia, Italy

blackandwhite in Venezia by Lorenzo Bettio on EyeEm

Jounieh, Lebanon

blackandwhite at Ghadir by Nathalie El Boustany on EyeEm

용인시, Korea

Nature in 용인시 by Michelle Kwon on EyeEm