In 24 Pictures Around the World | Pt. 28

By Stephanie - 8 min read

24 pictures at 24 places taken by 24 people within the past 24 hours. This week’s stops include: underwater-kissing in Mexico, posing in Clichy, commuting in Seoul and much more.

Fasten your seat belts!

Martin aka gusbano will be the pilot for this week’s trip around the world! Stops include: underwater-kissing in Mexico, posing in Clichy, commuting in Seoul and much more. Even though you guys are frequent flyers, please listen to the safety instructions and get ready for take off!

Grimes – Genesis by FACT magazine

All of these 24 photos were shot by 24 people at 24 places in the past 24 hours. What story does each picture tell?

Zurich, Switzerland


blackandwhite at Zürich by on EyeEm

Surry Hills, Australia


abstract in Surry Hills by Fresh__ on EyeEm

Brooklyn, USA


at swans way by Lydia on EyeEm

Seoul, South-Korea

large group of people

subway at seoul by KangHee Grändås-Rhee on EyeEm

Seattle, USA

building exterior

blackandwhite in Seattle by Star Rush on EyeEm

Adelaide, Australia


abstract at Adelaide, South Australia by michmutters on EyeEm

London, UK


self portrait at London by Robin Pope (RobinLDN) on EyeEm

Houston, USA

transfer print

Ghosts at the viewfinder by Rebecca on EyeEm

Osaka, Japan

Dreaming in 大阪市西区 by 7L. on EyeEm

Los Angeles, USA


Tennis at Griffith Park by Carrie Worthen on EyeEm

Neuss, Germany


subway in Neuss by Handyfotohandy on EyeEm

Clichy, France


At the park in Clichy by Stéphane C. on EyeEm

Tamuín, Mexico


at Parque Media Luna by Ale Ludueña on EyeEm

Studio City, USA


at Dog House by Ko TheLegend on EyeEm

Alba Adriatica, Italy

transfer print

iPhoneArtism in Alba Adriatica by Rino Rossi on EyeEm

Berlin, Germany


Checking in at Prenzlauer Berg by Felipe Tofani on EyeEm

Casuarina, Australia

self portrait at Casuarina Bus Interchange by Rantz on EyeEm

Boxtel, Netherlands

landscape at Nederland by Robert-Paul Jansen on EyeEm

Beitun District, Taiwan

High angle view of plants growing on field

leaves at 千樺花園 by Christine Lee on EyeEm

Forlì, Italy


miss you in Forlì by Francesca Sara on EyeEm

Dun Laoghaire, Ireland


Walking around at Dun Laoghaire East Pier Lighthouse by Ronan Spratt on EyeEm

Beitun District, Taiwan

Close-up of coffee served on table in cafe

Coffee at 千樺花園 by Christine Lee on EyeEm

Madrid, Spain

building exterior

streetphotography at Glorieta de Bilbao by Cbas28 on EyeEm

Inden, Germany


Lunch in Inden by Jaz on EyeEm

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