In 24 Pictures Around the World | Pt. 25

By Severin - 8 min read

Please welcome Italian-based photographer thestreepher taking us on a trip around the world today. Check out the stories that happened in the past 24h in Hong Kong, Moscow, Los Angeles, Rome and many more places!

Final boarding call for your flight around the world!

Please welcome Italian-based photographerthestreephertaking us on a trip around the world today. Stops include:shopping in Sham Shui Po, watching the sunset at Tverskaya Ulitsa in Moscow, waiting in line to hear Carl Craig in Berlin,changing trains at Roma Termini and spotting a ghost car in Los Angeles (look twice!).

All of these 24 photos were shot by 24 people at 24 places in the past 24 hours. What story does each picture tell?

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge by RhinoRecords

Seattle, USA at International District/Chinatown Station by @bradpuet on EyeEm

San Benedetto del Trento, Italy

TheMinimals (less edit juxt photography) at Casa Minimals by Ale on EyeEm



TheMinimals (less edit juxt photography) at melacca by Pixbykm on EyeEm

Toronto, Canada


People are people in Toronto by Aldo Pacheco on EyeEm

Bournemouth, UK


@Joanna on EyeEm

Winchester, UK

building exterior

TheMinimals (less edit juxt photography) at Winchester High street by Dreamer777 on EyeEm

Cronulla, Australia

Rear view of two men sitting on bench overlooking sea

“with friends” – 67 of 366 alexkess daily mobile photography project at Cronulla Esplanade Walk by Alexander Kesselaar on EyeEm

Istanbul, Turkey

iPhoneography in Istanbul by Fisheyedreams on EyeEm

Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong


building at 深水埗 by Christine Lee on EyeEm

Melbourne, Australia

transfer print

Architecture at Malthouse Theatre by Misho Baranovic on EyeEm

Irvine, USA

one person

blackandwhite at documentary @ Arizona, USA by on EyeEm



blackandwhite in Singapore by Victor Tan KH @victkh on EyeEm

Berlin, Germany

Checking in at Cookies by io Analoger on EyeEm

Brooklyn, New York, USA


at Nathan’s Famous by Goetz on EyeEm

Vannes, France

Scenic view of lake against sky

seaside at morbihan by Alain Goldfarb on EyeEm

Versailles, Paris, France

transfer print

subway at Paris by Albane Ewing Galdo 4 on EyeEm

Milan, Italy


streetphotography in Milano by Giovanna on EyeEm

Beaverton, USA


self portrait at studio by Forrest Grump by Forrest Grump on EyeEm

Berlin, Germany

Hanging out in Berlin by JOSEFINE B. on EyeEm

Los Angeles, USA


Luxury Corner in Los Angeles by Courtland converse on EyeEm

Moscow, Russia



Dmitriy ✨Diemon✨ Prikhodko on EyeEm

Calgary, Canada


Grace in Calgary by Shane Martin on EyeEm

Rome, Italy


Raffamuffin on EyeEm

Montreal, Canada

building exterior

streetphotography at montreal by Hind Akhiyat (vistavista) on EyeEm

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