In 24 Pictures Around the World | Pt. 19

By Severin - 8 min read

All of these 24 photos were shot by 24 people at 24 places in the past 24 hours. What story does each picture tell?

Hello fellow passengers!

This weekKatya Violitakes us on a trip around the world. Onboard entertainment is provided by Mr. Sébastien Tellier on the piano, earplugs are for free. Our stops include: Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Norway, several connections in the USA and many more.

All of these 24 photos were shot by 24 people at 24 places in the past 24 hours. What story does each picture tell?

Sébastien Tellier – La Ritournelle by sleepwalkers




Tetsuya Shimoyama on EyeEm

Seattle, USA


sky in Seattle by Nicole Lock on EyeEm

Munich, Germany

High section of church against clear blue sky

Architecture in München by diskostu on EyeEm

San Francisco, USA

food and drink

it’s about time! at Coffee Bar by Lisa Cheung on EyeEm

Brooklyn, USA


at Brooklyn by Robin Pope (RobinLDN) on EyeEm

The Rocks, Australia


“Red Reminiscence” – 18 of 366 at Overseas Passenger Terminal by Alexander Kesselaar on EyeEm

Sun Prairie, USA

transfer print

at Skalitzky Jewelers by Anne Gutzmer on EyeEm

Troyes, France



Cedric Blanchon on EyeEm

Red Lion, USA

low angle view

Self at Home by Amber Roth DeGrace on EyeEm

New Orleans, USA



chris williams on EyeEm

Quezon City, Philippines


on the road by Giancarlo Batac on EyeEm

South Lake Tahoe, USA


Having fun in South Lake Tahoe by Robert Rowe on EyeEm

Abingdon, UK


Nature at Milton Park Neftex by Kevin Thornhill on EyeEm

Los Angeles, USA

clear sky

Waiting in Los Angeles by Joel Quizon on EyeEm

Hong Kong

Aerial view of boats moored in harbor against orange sky

sunset at Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club by Christine Lee on EyeEm

Dresden, Germany

Walking around in Dresden by io Analoger on EyeEm

Oslo, Norway

copy space

snow in Oslo by andreas on EyeEm



streetphotography at Singapore by Victor Tan KH @victkh on EyeEm

Paris, France


walking in Paris by Julien on EyeEm

Vashon, USA

tree at Red Bicycle by @bradpuet on EyeEm

Montréal-Nord, Canada


Nature at montreal by Hind Akhiyat (vistavista) on EyeEm

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

wood - material

Having fun in Jeffrey’s Bay by Jenny Reiland on EyeEm

Berlin, Germany

Low angle view of spiral staircase by building against clear sky

Working at BUTTER. by Nico on EyeEm

Madrid, Spain

building exterior

StreetPhotography in Madrid by Slimjazz on EyeEm

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