In 24 Pictures Around the World | Pt. 16

By Stephanie - 8 min read

All of these 24 photos were shot by 24 people at 24 places in the past 24 hours and carefully chosen by Janus. What story does each picture tell?

Hi friends!

This week Janus Torgrim Blomfrøwas kind enough to take us on a trip around the world. Some of the things we get to see:Aldo Pachecoterrorizing the roads of Toronto (ha!), Stephen Mohammedworking at Eurocontrol in Beek, and Alan Kastnershooting photos in a subway station in Tokyo.All of these 24 photos were shot by 24 people at 24 places in the past 24 hours and carefully chosen by Janus.What story does each picture tell?

Beek, Netherlands


11:11 at EUROCONTROL Maastricht UAC by Stephen Mohammed on EyeEm

Tokyo, Japan


subway at 東大前駅 (Todaimae Sta.) (N12) by alan kastner on EyeEm

New York


black and white at Washington Square Park by danielle domizio on EyeEm

Wichita, USA

wind power

on the road at south Dakota by jaclyn turner on EyeEm

Moscow, Russia


at Репититор by Anton Nelson on EyeEm

Toronto, Canada


on the road in Toronto by Aldo Pacheco on EyeEm

Berkeley, USA


streetart at Berkeley Bart station by Jerry Packer on EyeEm

Taipei, Taiwan

food and drink

at 綜院312 by 昱雯 丁昱雯 on EyeEm

Johnstone, Scotland


Olympus at Houston by Socobloke on EyeEm

Batemans Bay, Australia

at Caseys Beach by Gary Poulton on EyeEm

Tai Wai, Hong Kong



Ken Wong on EyeEm

Berlin, Germany


Metronomy at EyeEm Studio by Flo Meissner on EyeEm

Östersund, Sweden


Waking up by Yooran on EyeEm


full length

doing Michael Jackson’s 45 degree lean by Bernard Goh on EyeEm

Leeds, UK

full length

street at fountains abbey by Graham Preston on EyeEm

Bremen, Germany


the barn of bremen at Coffee Corner by Sarah Weinknecht on EyeEm

Gandesa, Spain


on the road at Vilalba dels Arcs by Joan Ramon Bada Suñe on EyeEm

Leeds, UK


street by Graham Preston on EyeEm

Los Angeles, USA


Waiting in Los Angeles by Joel Quizon on EyeEm

Berlin, Germany


Architecture at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum Für Gegenwart by Sami Kallinen on EyeEm

Uppsala, Sweden

Cjernobyl or Sweden? at hågadalen by Nils Engvall on EyeEm

Sevilla, Spain

On the road by chmeee on EyeEm

Paris, France


Paris at Esplanade de La Défense by OT on EyeEm

Seattle, USA


@bradpuet on EyeEm

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