EyeEm's illustration marketplace is about to launch

By EyeEm Team - 1 min read

EyeEm is now accepting illustration work for review ahead of the official Illustration Marketplace launch

As you know, we’re part of Talenthouse AG, which means we’ve opened up a world of opportunities for you across our group.

EyeEm.com is now open to receiving illustration work (alongside photography), ahead of opening up our shiny new Illustration Marketplace where illustration work will be able to be bought or licensed by brands. This is in addition to our current LIVE photography marketplace, where you can still submit your photographs for marketplace consideration.

Image by Talenthouse Creative Adrian Carrillo

We are ready to start receiving illustration (and still accepts photography) work for review from today! If you’re interested in the potential to make money from your illustration work, head over to the site to submit it to the marketplace review, and you’ll be notified once the marketplace goes live!

Here’s how to upload:

Visit EyeEm.com and click ‘For Contributors’ in the right-hand corner. Select ‘Sell Your Work’

Once you’ve successfully joined the platform, head over to https://www.eyeem.com/upload/illustrations to start submitting your illustration work.

In case you missed it, we’ve also welcomed Creative Commission to our family, who are partnering with Record Labels and huge music artists looking for creative work to promote their tours, albums and merchandise. Check out everything you need to know, here!

We’re so happy to have you with us.