Your photos, exhibited around the world, featured in ad campaigns with big brands, or showcased by famous media outlets… it’s all possible! Thousands of photographers have taken their photography to the next level with Missions over the past years—and now it’s your turn.

12042278_630466737093369_378939811_nChulsu Kim won the ‘Human Condition’ Mission and was flown to Paris to see his work exhibited in the Photoquai biennale.

What is an EyeEm Mission?

Missions are contests where photographers submit photos on a set theme—these range widely and are designed to maximize creativity and test your photography skills. Missions are often run in partnership with brands and publishers, who sponsor great prizes, exhibit the final selection or even buy the images to feature in advertising campaigns.

EyeEm Magazine Vol. 1 featured many Mission winners.

How Do I Enter a Mission?

submit to missions via app

Head over to the Missions tab in the EyeEm app to see Missions are currently running. Select a Mission, read the brief, and find a button at the end to submit—you can either upload a new photo or submit one from your profile.

You can also open an existing photo from your EyeEm profile selecting “Submit to Mission”. Then simply select the Mission you want to submit your photo to.

Want to contribute more than one photo? No problem: Simply submit another photo in the same way we describe above. We don’t limit the amounts of photos you can submit to each Mission.

On the web, start by going to our Missions page. Select a Mission that appeals to you, and below the brief you’ll find a button that lets you upload your photo. Unfortunately, we don’t currently allow you to submit existing photos to Mission from the web.

How Do I Know My Photo Has Been Submitted?

Once your photo has been submitted, the name of the Mission will appear as a tag under the photo.

Can I Submit the Same Photo to Several Missions?

Sure thing. But if you’re selected as a winner, you won’t be able to win another Mission with the same photo.

What Prizes Can I Win?

In the last twelve months alone, EyeEm photographers have won some incredible prizes: Nikon cameras, a DJI drone, Spotify Premium subscriptions, or even getting exhibited at the Arles photo festival—the list goes on and on!

What’s more, winning and shortlisted images star in dedicated Mission recaps in your EyeEm app, each and every time – with full credits back to you and your EyeEm profile!

Dávid Balogh

IMG_2153EyeEm Magazine Vol. II, entitled Schwarz, was packed with black & white photos from Mission winners.

A masterclass held at an exhibition at The Printspace in London, featuring Mission-winning photos.