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#HolidayMarketing: Show This Holiday Season From a Fresh Perspective

By Jonathon - 2 min read

For Christmas and the New Year, show something unusual with these lively pictures.

In marketing, the season never becomes as tangible as it does around Christmas and the New Year. Unfortunately, the photos traditionally used tend to show extremely staged or stereotypical images of the holidays.

If you’re aiming to break out of the mold, look no further than our collection of more than 100 photos that show the season from a different side. Here you’ll find pictures that truly capture the atmosphere around the end of the year, all sourced from the real lives of the EyeEm community.

Find a photo you like? You can license each of them to drive your outreach, campaign, or product marketing.

Read on for some impressions – and click here to view all photos as an album on EyeEm.

By Jasmin Awad

By Mert Mayda

By Marc Charbonné

By Xavier Serrano

By Viscount “Boy” Mulcaster

By Emily VanSant

By Mert Mayda

By Célestine Aerden

By Kennyjie

By Gareth Kwok

Header image by @Serranillu.