Quality time by Sarah Weinknecht on EyeEm

Today we are meeting our friend Sarah from Berlin! Sarah clearly has a very refreshing and honest style of taking pictures: just like keeping a visual diary, she documents her daily adventures in a stream of photos and shares it with the world. Here’s what Sarah has to say about her style and inspiration…

1. Hello! Tell us a little bit about yourself: who are you, where do you live, what do you do and what’s the best, most boring or most delightful picture you ever took?

Hi, my name is Sarah. I recently graduated from University of the Arts in Berlin and live in Mitte. I am writing for the online interview magazine “Freunde von Freunden”, at the moment we are preparing the launch of the first fvf book which is very exciting. I took my favourite picture last year in Indonesia. We just came back from climbing the “Rinjani” volcano (check my travel diary about it here), totally exhausted and waited for the bus inside a travel agency. I really love the light in this one, the colour of the wall and the very relaxed vibe. When I look at it I can totally recall how I felt in that very moment.

Waiting by Sarah Weinknecht on EyeEm

2. When looking at your photo stream it seems like you document your life in photos, like in a visual diary. What’s your approach there?

Since I have my iPhone I take pictures almost everywhere. I love lying in bed at night and relive the day through the pictures i took. Of course, some things are not meant for the public stream but in general I like to share beautiful things like food or architecture with people.

breakfast at Sonnenburg by Sarah Weinknecht on EyeEm

3. We can see a lot of different people, places and stories in your photos. Is there any particular moment that you captured in an image and want to tell its story to us?

In general, my photos are documenting my daily life. Nothing spectacular, just places I find visually attractive or people I like. Maybe that is changing once I take my phone with me on my next travel.

Quality time at Kreuzberger Helal Köfteburger by Sarah Weinknecht on EyeEm

4. Do you also shoot with other cameras? If yes, how did you come into mobile photography?

Yes, I started out with a digital camera I got from my parents when I left Berlin for an exchange semester in Bangkok. I guess, they just wanted to make sure that I send some shots home. But mobile photography is great because you have your camera with you no matter where you go. Most of the time, the best pictures are the ones where you didn’t bring your proper camera.

Relaxing at Flughafensee by Sarah Weinknecht on EyeEm

5. And finally: what other photographers on EyeEm inspire you?

At the moment I only follow people I know in real life. So it’s less about the quality of their pictures and more about the content. For example Martin Monk, Ramz and David Kamp.

Thanks for the interview Sarah! Go and check out her vibe here: