Might as well Jump by Robert Yaskovic on EyeEm

Welcome to Hi, EyeEm! Today we’re happy to meet Robert Yaskovic, a passionate photographer, fly fisher and mobile photographer. Rob has been an EyeEm user from the early days on and as such shot one of the most classic pictures on our platform, which has also been part of the Berlin Award 2010. Here’s what Rob got to say!

1. Hello! Tell us a little bit about yourself: who are you, where do you live what do you do and what’s the best, most boring or most delightful picture you ever took?

My name is Rob Yaskovic, I am a husband to Kate, a father to Gwen, Meredith and Jake, and I go fly fishing whenever I can. We live in Branchville NJ which is about an hour Northwest of what most people know about New Jersey. I am photographer and co-owner, with my wife, of Yaskovic Wedding + Portrait, I belong to Agency New Jersey, and I do mulitple blogs including a food one with a local chef and great friend Andre’ deWaal.


The best photo I ever took was of my wife and son. It was with a medium format Agfa Isolette III. Its a tiny folding camera, all mechanical, and totally sketchy. All of our children were adopted through NJ’s Division of Youth and Family Services and Jake had just come to live with us permantly. We happen to be at the shore on vacation but my wife was going 2 hours back and forth to home for training as a court clerk after law school. In the photo my wife looks, and is, such a strong woman and I miss how little Jake used to be. I think its just as classic as a photo can get.

2. Another classic would be your photo “Might as well Jump”, which has received more than 140 likes here on EyeEm. Did you ever expect such a big response?

No, it was just a day at the park. I love empty horizons and my kids are best subjects.

Might as well Jump by Robert Yaskovic on EyeEm

3. There are quite a lot of fishes in your photo stream! What’s the story behind?

It’s a stream right?! Bad joke, sorry, I love to go fishing. I fly fish all over my state, trout in the cold months, bass in the warm months and anything that will bite my flies inbetween. It’s really a case of I always take photos and I don’t like risking thousands of dollars in DSLR equipment ending up in the water. My Nikon equipment is my money maker.

Casting by Robert Yaskovic on EyeEm

B+W Bluegill by Robert Yaskovic on EyeEm

4. You’ve been with EyeEm right from the start. How do you think mobile photography has evolved and what are your wishes for the future of it?

I think that mobile photography is a viable medium in art and any type of story telling. I personally think cell phone work by professional photographers such as Teru Kuwayama and Erin Trieb prove its worth as a tool, not a fad.

Car Fire by Robert Yaskovic on EyeEm

Hibachi by Robert Yaskovic on EyeEm

5. And finally: what other photographers on EyeEm inspire you?

Number one, Brooklyn Theory, amazing work very inspiring. Number two Misho Baranovic, lots of emotion in those photos.

Thank you, Rob! Check out the photos of Robert Yaskovic on EyeEm and see his vibe here: