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We’re thrilled to present this little interview & feature with Jérôme Kerneïs. The images of the Paris-based movie director and editor have captivated us for quite a while already, so we thought it was about time to get to know Jérôme a little better…

Hi guys,

We’re thrilled to present this little interview & feature withJérôme Kerneïs. The images of the Paris-based movie director and editor have captivated us for quite a while already, so we thought it was about time to get to know Jérôme a little better.

Read on to get to know about this man’s travels around the world, how he started to focus more on the moment and less on editing and what’s the secret of hisdistinctive street photo style..

Hi there! So Jérôme, please introduce yourself: who are you, what do you do, where do you come from and what’s the one thing in life you can’t live without?

So, my name’s Jérôme, I’m 40, I live in Paris, near Montmartre. I’m a director and editor for television. And I couldn’t live without the woman I love and my daughter… neither without my little morning coffee in the local café.

We love this shot! When and where was it taken? Is there a story you can tell about it?

This shot was taken in the end of the winter, in a coffee house of the 17th arrondissement. I was drinking my morning coffee when that man sat on my right… and his dog naturally sat on the chair next to him. I found this funny and I looked at them.

They seemed to be regular customers : without a word, the waiter brought a coffee for the man and a glass of water for the dog. The two looked alike, they moved their head at the same time and often glanced at each other. I wanted to capture this moment of life between this two friends.

You take some great photos on the streets. How did you get into street photography? How do you “see” a photo?

Thanks, happy you like them! I came to streetphotography because I love strolling. William Klein said :

“Taking a photo is an excuse to be an onlooker. I give myself the feeling I’m doing something, so I’m having less guilty conscience…”

I always have my phone with me. It’s more practical than a Reflex. I don’t have any rules, it’s often instinctive, it depends on the light and on the situation.

One of your photos made it onto the shortlist of our “on the road” competition. You told us then that it was taken on a trip to North Africa. Can you tell us more about this trip and show us some more photos of it?

It was during the shooting of a documentary in Africa, a road trip around the water theme. We crossed Uganda and Tanzania with sidecars to talk with the people about the water lacks. Wonderful trip and I loved Uganda.

This shot was taken in Tanzania, in the middle of the Olduvai plain. A huge desert with in its middle a little black sand dune which moves a few meters each year. Unhappily I didn’t have much time to take pictures, I mostly have videos.

Can you show us some of your movie editing work?

Sure! This is a video from Drôle de Trip, a french TV series that broadcasted in 2010 and 2011. The idea of the project was to discover continents ( Asia and south America ) in an original and funny way.There were around 40 episodes and 3 documentaries which I edited from that series.

This particular vidéo is one of the 4 episodes of the Zanzkar expedition.

When I go through your photo stream I see images with “heavier” processing in the beginning while now your images have very natural colors, look less edited. Do you think there is a progress in your style in terms of shooting & editing?

It’s only been a few months since I discovered iPhoneography, and in the beginning I wanted to try many editing applications. Now for streetphotography, I prefer more natural pictures, and I edit to work on contrasts, colour saturation and depth of field, like with a classical camera. I try to have the frame, the subject and the light while shooting.

But from time to time, for other styles of photography, I like editing, to emphasize the atmosphere of the picture.

Please complete the sentence:**Paris is…**

the capital of France ? (I’ve always been good at Geography !)

What are your projects for the future?

I’m thinking about documentary photography, and I’d like to do streetphotography (a bit like Martin Parr) about the tourists of Montmartre.

Thank you for the interview, Jérôme!

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