Street Fashion in Berlin by Helden Chaos on EyeEm

Today at Hi, EyeEm we welcome Patrick aka Helden Chaos. Hailing from the city of Hamburg, this avid mobile photographer takes us deep down to the ground to show us a species that’s more than often outrageously disregarded: shoes. They protect our feet, they carry us safely through dirt and dust, they are our most loyal companions day in day out – and yet they mostly end up in the closet when we don’t need them anymore. Not so with Patrick! Here’s what he’s got to say about his love for chucks and mobile photography…

Hello! Tell us a little bit about yourself: who are you what do you do and what’s the best, most boring or most delightful picture you ever took?

Hi there, my name is Patrick, also known as “Helden Chaos” in the EyeEm Community. A few years ago, I worked as a photographer in my spare time, but then my real job took over. Nowadays I mainly take pictures with my smartphone, because of the advantage of having my camera with me all the time and wherever I go. I don’t think that nowadays there’s anybody out there who would leave the house without his cellphone…but in the end it doesn’t matter if you’re using a SLR or DSLR camera or “just” the camera implemented in your cellphone. The decisive moment, the motifs and your own eye are the factors that count.
I’m the kind of person who would never delete his own pictures after viewing them. That’s why I’ve got thousands of different photos stored on my harddrive. One of my favorite pictures shows the BMW factory in Munich. The images even won several prices a few years ago:

Incidentally, it’s really important to me to say that a bad photo will always be a bad photo, no matter how many hours you’re spending to photoshop it or how high the variety of filters is you’re using to make it “good”. I see so many pictures all around me which are processed just to make them more interesting. That’s why I really like the EyeEm app, because it uses filters but never to overlay the real meaning behind the photo.

Hang loose in Berlín by Helden Chaos on EyeEm

What’s your take on mobile photography?

I previously put my focus on architecture and beauty with my old Canon 5D. But now with my smartphone, I evolved an eye for streetstyle and still lifes because of being mobile and having the possibility to use the new technical developements my smartphone offers. Wherever I am. Wherever I go.

We can see a lot of converse sneakers in your photos. What’s the story behind that?

Chucks are cool, there should be more photos of them out there. But I’m talking ’bout the “real” Chucks, not the “virgin”, clean and new version of them. They should be dirty! And because my girlfriend and I are fans of this brand and wear them with passion, it’s on the dice that we’re keeping them on our photos, too.

Viersamkeit in Berlin by Helden Chaos on EyeEm

What do your friends say about mobile photography and your passion in it?

Fortunately I’m blessed with a very patient and tolerant girlfriend who isn´t nagging immediately when I stop here and there to take pictures of things or motifs which seem interesting to my eyes. My friends are really open to photography, too, and they still keep asking me from time to time if I tried something new and want to see my latest pictures.

It’s important to me that my friends criticise me as well as giving me constructive suggestions. That’s the only way for me to move on and get better.

Street Fashion in Berlin by Helden Chaos on EyeEm

And finally: what other photographers on EyeEm inspire you?

Oh, meanwhile there are a lot of great photographers on EyeEm. That’s why it’s a little difficult for me to pick just a few! But I believe that there are so many brilliant photos that everyone will be able to find the best inspiration for him-, or herself. That much is clear.

See ya at EyeEm and follow the “real” Chucks!

Thanks for the Interview, Patrick! Check out Patricks photo vibe here. And because it’s a perfect match: check out the shoes vibe below and add your own pictures!