Help us translate EyeEm into Vietnamese!

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We’re translating EyeEm into Vietnamese and need your help! Join our group of translators …


Movies at Galaxy Cinema (Nguyễn Du) by Dương Lương Thế on EyeEm

Hey friends,

we’re translating EyeEm into Vietnamese and need your help! Join our group of translators, have your name featured in the EyeEm Hall of Fame of Translators and receive an EyeEm Goodie Pack as a little thank you.

Here’s how it works:
Are you a native speaker? Then all you need to do is join ourFacebook group of EyeEm Vietnamese Translators:

-> Join EyeEm Vietnamese Translators

Together we’ll translate phrase by phrase of the app, vote for the best translations and test the app with exclusive testversions we’ll be sending you. As soon as we’re 20 people in the group we’ll get started – so feel free to spread the word & invite your friends to join our little translators society.

What you’ll get:
It’s really fun and easy to collaboratively translate EyeEm into your language. If you’re actively participating in the process you’ll have our eternal gratitude, your name featured in the epic Hall of Fame of EyeEm Translators (accessible directly through the app) and receive anEyeEm Goodie Pack with an EyeEm T-Shirt, stickers and our favorite kitty chocolate.

EyeEm Goodie

EyeEm Goodie Pack at EyeEm HQ by Severin on EyeEm

Looking forward to make it happen with you!

-> Join EyeEm Vietnamese Translators

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