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Grey Expectations: 20 Stunning Black & White Shots

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Nothing is EVER just black and white as we found out in the incredibly popular “Shades of Grey” Mission. But who won?

At first glance, our recent Shades of Grey Mission was a relatively simple challenge. Creating beautiful black and white photos – easy right? Not so fast. Foto Meyer Berlin and Recom Art also wanted you to capture the rich spectrum of textures and tones of greys, which goes beyond basic B&W photography.

You more than met the challenge, and both Foto Meyer Berlin and Recom Art were delighted with the results. After careful deliberation, they chose their winners. Congratulations to Surya Prakash, Manuela Sche-Beh, Artyt Lerdrakmongkol, Veli and Victor tsang who each have won a high-end 50 x 60 cm gelatine silver print of their images. Well done!

Keep scrolling to see the other highlights from this mission – was your photo featured?


By Surya Prakash

By Manuela Sche-Beh

By Artyt Lerdrakmongkol

By Veli

By Victor tsang

Image Collection

By The Netted Pigeon

By Hollie

By Carlo Zamora

By Jonathan Gonzales

By Francesco Sambati

By Nazir Azhari

By Harry

By Clément Gautier

By Roshanzamir

By JM Arro Photography

By C. Beth Ellis

By Stephan Doetsch

By Jan T.

By Ruslan Ivanov

By Jim

Well done to everyone who took part! If you’d like to see your photo in an EyeEm Image Collection, check out our Missions tab in the app. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch. You can contact us through Facebook, Twitter or EyeEm – we’re always happy to hear from you!

Header Image by Manuela Sche-Beh

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