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Golden Moments: See the Luxurious Photos That Won Our Mission With Licor43

By Lucy - 3 min read

One lucky photographer won a trip to Spain.

This is one of the longest Missions we ever ran: Together with Licor43 we gave you 43 days to show us your association with Golden Moments – from golden sunsets to extravagant interiors or everyday golden objects.

Kathleen Schuart, Licor43’s Senior Director of Marketing & Sales On-Premise ran the Mission with us and was very impressed by your submissions:

“The Golden Moments campaign for Licor43 has a strong visual focus and we want it to inspire people to share their very personal golden moments. The cooperation with EyeEm gave us a perfect platform to collect these inspirational glimpses and pass them on to our community. We virtually received a flood of photos, countless images that captured the topic ‘Golden Moments’ in an impressive, technically perfect way.”


This Mission had two kinds of winners:

1st winner

For his shot of a surfer at sunset, photographer Axel Heizmann won a trip to Barcelona including flights and accommodation – we hope you had a great stay, Axel!

Silhouette man with surfboard at sea shore during sunset

By Axel Heizmann

2nd winners

The following photographers all won an individual feedback for their photo from star photographer Joachim Baldauf. Congratulations to all of you!

Rear view of woman sitting on beach

By F L U S I⭐M A N


By AxxL


By Kat



By Hanafi Prabowo

gold colored

By Snev Rotbok

Close-up of snake against black background

By Elisa Sferrazza

Low section of people walking

By J.tang

Cropped hand wearing wristwatch by river on sunny day

By Mia Graham

Low angle view of woman standing against clear sky

By Alexey Sulima

Cropped image of woman with glitter on hands

By Utku

High angle view of potted plants on sidewalk

By in160311

Rear view of man standing in front of campfire by lake

By MBrandmo

High angle view of sensuous naked woman covered with plants while lying on field

By Rebecca

About LICOR 43: LICOR 43 is the best-selling premium liqueur from Spain worldwide and is based on a secret recipe, handed down from generation to generation – consisting mainly of exotic fruits, aromatic herbs and vanilla.

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Header image by @blukatu.

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