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Fresh on Market: Urban Impressions

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

Get a new perspective on urban environments by seeing them through the lens of EyeEm's street photographers. All available for license.

The best kinds of photos are those that stop viewers in their tracks—photos that reveal something new and unexpected even at the quickest glance. This collection is all about seeing the city from a different perspective, through the eyes of street photographers. They have reinterpreted the familiar urban environment to show something an unexpected side of it.

Being both engaging and relatable, these are the kinds of photos you can use as attention-grabbers or to illustrate stories about city life and urban developments. Not quite what you need? Make sure to check outEyeEm’s collectionsfor more visual inspiration.

Silhouette of person on street

By Aleksey Balashov Photography

By Skander Khlif

A man walking on the street

By TeeKay


By Norbert Oksza Strzelecki

Close up of newspaper in mailbox

By Sarah Köster

Woman dancing on street

By Stephen Hayes

Close-up of man with conical hat

By jorge

Directly above shot of people performing gegerok tandak dance on street

By Alam Kundam

Close-up of peron hugging elephant

By Tony Seing

Rear view of woman walking outdoors

By Joe Jongue

Midsection of person with tattoo on forearm

By Artur Tavares

Man sitting on bench at night seen through wet glass window

By Norbert Oksza Strzelecki

View of parking garage

By Nadia

By Chris

one person

By Josue Soriano

one person

By Chot Touch

Rear view of person holding umbrella at night

By itarugra

Woman exiting building

By Kate Phellini

Empty road at night

By Axel Prince

Woman standing on steps

By Adrian Werner

Header image bySkander Khlif.

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