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Fresh on Market: Elegant Monochromes

By EyeEm Team - 3 min read

The reduction to simple black and white tones makes any photo look sophisticated – even if there's some color left in the frame.

Each month, we present you with a selection of the photos our community has recently made available for licensing on EyeEm Market. From all the photos uploaded, I create selections that show you how community members are exploring different topics. This month, I’ve focussed on a current visual trend: Monochrome images. Some of these are taken inblack and white, others in such stripped-back colors that you could be forgiven for overlooking the color.

What unites them all is their visual effect: The reduction to simple tones makes these photos look quiet and elegant, no matter what the subject. This effect was deployed to great effect in the movieCoffee&Cigarettes, turning those two commodities into a feast for the eyes. Looking to employ it yourself? Start with one of our 80 million+ photos on EyeEm Market.

By Uta Lauterbach

By minfeng wu

By Egle.La*

By Sagar Soni

By Katarina Mavrodi

By Natascha

By AiR

By mykindablahblah

By Kate Phellini

By Cosmoideo

By AnnaNinaGood

By Dmitri Popov

By Gulli

By André Dogbey

By joaquim

By Nada Vojinovic

By Alex Cruceru

By Mateusz Cybart

By Alon Ceng

By David Infante

Header image byNada Vojinovic.