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Fresh on Market in January 2017

By Brada - 6 min read

Wintertime is best for taking trips – or for daydreaming a little. We have the photos that represent both.

Each month we present you a selection of the photos our community has recently made available for licensing on EyeEm Market. As always, we’ve seen a remarkable breadth of subjects uploaded. To show you what’s possible with them, I have put together a photo story based on four types of pictures: Photos featuring the sky, clouds, the color blue, and airplanes.

This collection is inspired by the winter season, by wanderlust, and the possibility to get on a flight and leave the cold weather behind. You may not be able to do that yourself, but perhaps these photos inspire you realize your own next project with one of our over 80 million available images.

By Arsen Ametov

By Tamás Sóki

By Rayana Gasparotto

By Anne Houmøller

By Linemaster

By Reese Lassman

By Mary Dimitropoulou

By D e s s y

By Edit Veres

By Dina Alfasi

By Henrik

By Andre Araujo


By Charliane Rodrigues

By Georgy Rozov

By Chris Wik

By Melissa O’Hearn

By Daniel

By Erik Nardini

By nicolas zhou

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Header image by@dinalf

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