Follow Friday: Grow Your EyeEm Family!

By Severin - 1 min read

Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration. Follow Friday provides you with exciting people to follow and albums to contribute your photos to.



teuku on EyeEm

People of EyeEm!

Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration! Featured today: inspiring people from Indonesia to Brazil to Japan and albums that let you explore (literally), draw, go on a journey and indulge in geometry. Or trash it all. As always, follow these folks to get their photos directly in your Friends feed and add your photos to the albums to let them grow.

Let’s take photos together. Have a lovely weekend!


1. teuku

2. kattiab

3. Alessandro Pisu

4. Carlitoz

5. 7LEE


1. exploring

2. journey

3. drawing

4. geometry

5. trash

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