Follow Friday: Grow Your EyeEm Family!

By Severin - 1 min read

Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration. Follow Friday provides you with exciting people to follow and albums to contribute your photos to.


Jefferson Morales on EyeEm

People of EyeEm!

Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration. Today we’ve got a whirlwind of people and albums for you to follow: people from Sydney to France to the UK with styles from pure black and white to street photography to abstract musings. On the album side we’re watching oldschool slideshows, going shopping, running, watch the birds andpark in the wrong space,

Let’s take photos together. Have a fine weekend!


1. @emmi

2. Marco Yuen

3. Lee Thatcher

4. Regis Bouillot

5. seb_gordon


1. slideshow

2. Running

3. grocery shopping

4. no parking

5. birds

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