A Collection of Hot New Videos

By Jonathon - 1 min read

Check out a supercut of our favorite moments so far.

EyeEm Videography is where you can share your moving images for us to sell. Your response to it has been overwhelming.

Every week, hundreds of community members upload share their clips with us for review. They aren’t all that different from photos: We requested the EyeEm community to upload short, 5-30 second clips that look more like animated photos that movies.

Since we review every video that’s uploaded, we get to see a cross section of all the clips you share. And since it would be a shame to keep them ourselves, we’re now sharing collections of them on our brand updated EyeEm Videography page.

For a glimpse of what awaits you, check out the video below: We’ve created this supercut to show some of our favorite moments from EyeEm Videography so far:

Liked what you saw and want to share your videos as well? Head over to our contributor page and start uploading. We can’t wait to see your photos come to life!

Header video by Kyrylo.